Meadow Valley Ranchos #11


Is less than 10 minutes to Down-Town Elko, NV


90% of all lots in this subdivision are at least 1 acre.


This is a picture we took two years ago of a lot in the subdivision


Available Property in MVR #11:


066-013-019 Block 13 Lot 19 - $3,750

066-019-005 Block 19 Lot 5 - $3,750

066-014-003 Block 14 Lot 3 - $3,450

066-014-003 Block 14 Lot 3 - $2,900 CASH ONLY

066-010-001 Block 10 Lot 1 - $3,350

066-010-002 Block 10 Lot 2 - $3,350


066-026-010 Block 26 Lot 10 ------- $1,600

066-026-011 Block 26 Lot 11 ------- $1,600


Beautiful views


Elko is one of those towns where the main drag is posted 25 mph, and drivers still abide by it.
It's a place where store clerks ask how you are and mean it, and ranchers smile and wave to a stranger.
Churches still have stained glass and steeples. Mountains get snow in time for Thanksgiving.

It's American as apple pie.

It's a community built on generations of sweat by gold miners, cattle ranchers and Basque sheepherders


Horses, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, or whatever

Zoning is Agriculture/Single Family Residential, which allows you to do just about what ever you want to do. There are no restrictions of what kind or size home that you can build, or use. There are mostly manufactured homes in the area, but there are also conventional homes. You could even live in an RV, if that is what you want to. You could have horses, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, or whatever. If you have any unique questions, they can be answered by the Elko County Planning Dept. 775-738-0809

The Lakes

During the summer months the park accommodates those who enjoy boating, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing and swimming. Fishing is a major recreation activity in the Elko area. Elko County contains the majority of the fishable streams and stocked reservoirs in Nevada, many of which are on public lands. Most of these waters contain trout, however large mouth bass, small mouth bass, crappie and catfish are also plentiful.

Northeastern Nevada has a span of more than 800 miles on its 200 fishable waters. Resident cold water trout include rainbow, brook, and cutthroat. Among the warm water game fish are northern pike, bullhead, bass, bluegill, perch and sunfish. Click Here to see what fish are in what lake or river. Click Here to see where the Lakes are located, and get a full description if what it offers, and what bait works the best.

At nearby Wildhorse Reservoir, visitors fish year-round or water ski and boat in the hotter summer months, and Angel Lake.

Other Rivers

river.jpgUse the South Fork of the Owyhee River, The Salmon Falls Creek, South Fork of the Humboldt River, to float down the river in tubes kayaks, rafts, or canoes. Click here for more information about this. Click Here to see what fish are in the rivers.


The Hunting

Elko County is a hunter's paradise. Nevada hunting season is a big draw from regional and out-of-state enthusiasts. Nevada is comprised of 87 percent public land with huge areas of open country. Big game seasons are established for antelope, deer, 

There are also hunting seasons for migratory birds, duck, geese, doves. Other game birds include Chukar, grouse, pheasant, snowcock, Hungarian partridge and quail. Furbearer/trapper seasons are fixed for beaver, muskrat, mink, otter, bobcat, gray and kit fox.

The majority of the State's mule deer and sage grouse are harvested within Elko County. Other big game animals include pronghorn antelope, elk, mountain goat, mountain lion and also California and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.  The majority of the State's mule deer and sage grouse are harvested within Elko County. The area is also well known for chukar and Hungarian partridge hunting. 


Red Lionstockmans.jpgGold Country

There are plenty of Casinos in Elko. The newest are the Red Lion and the Gold Country, but there are also many of the old time favorites that you can also enjoy the dinning and entertainment. There are free shuttles, so have a great time.

Recreational Sports


If you like sports, from off road and horse or car racing to custom cars, snow activities, horse events, or even "Running with the Bulls", just look at some of the clubs you can join. Elk City Clubs 

The majority of Elko County is classified as "open" to off-road vehicle use. Opportunities vary from well maintained gravel roads to hundreds of miles of primitive, back country "two-tracks".

Just 6 miles away from Elko City, is the Snowbowl  where there are the all of the winter sports (Picture). There is not a lot of snow in this area, but they have snow making machines to keep snow on the ground during the season. A shuttle bus, snowboard and ski rentals, and a snack bar are among the services available. If you enjoy snow sledding down groomed slopes, head for SnoBowl Ski Area. 

Ruby View Majestic 18-hole "grand ol' man" of Elko has the look and feel of an exclusive country club - at public course prices or Spring Creek privately-owned 6,258-yard par 72 course set at the base of the Ruby Mountains. Much like a British links course, accuracy is at a premium.

Also 2 Workout Clubs/Facilities, 2 Multipurpose Baseball Complexes, 1 Recreational Field, 2 Babe Ruth fields, 1 Little League field, 7 Soccer fields, 2 Softball fields, 1 Indoor/Outdoor Municipal Swimming Pool, 8 Tennis Courts, 1 8-Lane Bowling Alley, 2 Movie Complexes with a total of 9 theaters, 1 BMX track, 3 Jr. Football fields, 4 Basketball courts 2 Horseshoe Pit Arenas 1 Rifle Range 1 Handball Court, Elko County Fairgrounds with Race Track 4 Parks (totaling 120 acres). Nationally recognized youth programs in Boy and Girl Scouting, Little League sports, 4-H and FFA, riding and rodeo clubs with 148 clubs and organizations.

The Climate, Shopping and other interests.

In 1868, Elko was established as a town site along the Humboldt River during construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. It became an incorporated town in 1917. Cattle and sheep were its major industries in the early days but now the economy is dominated by gold mining and casino tourism and produces about 10 percent of the world's gold. Elko is a unique mixture of old and new West. With its majestic Ruby Mountain backdrop, it is the perfect location to enjoy the West as it really is.

Elko is approximately 290 miles northeast of Reno, 235 miles west of Salt Lake City, 240 miles south of Boise and 470 miles north of Las Vegas.

Elko Elevation: 5,060 feet - Elko Greater Area Population is:35,000 - Median Family Income highest in the state. $54,800 as of 11/96. The highest point is Ruby Dome in the Ruby Mountains, elevation 11,300 feet.

The moderate climate usually produces hot, dry summers with temperatures reaching into the 90s followed by cool nights. Winters may be dry or snowy

4 Elementary schools.1 Junior High,1 High School, Great Basin Community College, which is becoming accredited to provide a 4 year degree.

8 Shopping Centers/Mini Malls, Home Depot, K-mart Wal-mart 5 Casinos, 7 Supermarkets/Grocery Stores 36 Hotel/Motels, 64 Restaurants

The weather in Elko County is considered ideal by many. Summer is characterized by hot, dry afternoons with temperatures in the 90s, cooling to the low 40s and 50s by morning. Winters are moderate, as down-sloping winds from the north-south mountain ranges usually temper the cold air masses. Temperatures seldom fall to zero, with winter lows typically in the 20s or 30s. Daytime highs during the winter months are generally in the 40 or 50s. Snowfall averages 42 inches per year and generally melts quickly. Yearly rainfall ranges from 9 to 10.5 inches throughout the region. Sunny or partly sunny skies are predominating.


Gold Mining, Cattle Ranching, Gaming, Tourism, with sophisticated new mining technologies, "half a dozen large mining operations are producing millions of ounces of gold a year in the region

Newmont Gold Company, originally called the Carlin Gold Mining Company, discovered the Carlin Trend, a 50-mile long ribbon of gold deposits stretching through the Elko region. It contains 45% of the nation’s gold reserves. This is the largest gold region in the country making Nevada the third largest gold-producer in the world. The nearby Meikle Mine is the largest producing underground mine in North America. Free tours of the area gold mines are a major attraction of our area.

Drill your own Well

We have secured the Domestic water rights for all of our lots in Nevada.  If it does not have water rights we do not buy it.  Water rights for farming are not secured.

All wells must be drilled by a licensed driller.  Here is one that I like in Elko.  There are several others in the area.

Rimrock Drilling Inc   (775) 738-8848    2305 Last Chance Rd,  Elko,  NV 89801


Aerial Photos & Maps of actual property for sale.

Subdivision location

Available Property:

066-013-019 Block 13 Lot 19 - $3,750

066-019-005 Block 19 Lot 5 - $3,750

066-014-003 Block 14 Lot 3 - $3,450

066-014-003 Block 14 Lot 3 - $2,900 CASH ONLY

066-010-001 Block 10 Lot 1 - $3,350

066-010-002 Block 10 Lot 2 - $3,350


066-026-010 Block 26 Lot 10 ------- $1,600

066-026-011 Block 26 Lot 11 ------- $1,600



Pictures from Block 13 Lot 21 and 22


Vital particulars in a nutshell:

Site location

Meadow Valley Ranchos # 11


Available Property:

066-013-019 Block 13 Lot 19 - $3,750

066-019-005 Block 19 Lot 5 - $3,750

066-014-003 Block 14 Lot 3 - $3,450

066-014-003 Block 14 Lot 3 - $2,900 CASH ONLY

066-010-001 Block 10 Lot 1 - $3,350

066-010-002 Block 10 Lot 2 - $3,350


066-026-010 Block 26 Lot 10 ------- $1,600

066-026-011 Block 26 Lot 11 ------- $1,600


Parcel Size

1.03 Acres  - (300'  X 150') to 1.13 Acres (300 x 165)


Agriculture/Single Family Residential. No building restrictions. Manufactured homes and even RV's are ok. All types of animals allowed. Confirm with planning 775-738-0809 


Domestic water rights secured with property

Electricity - Phone

in the area

Gas Propane


No sewer lines - septic tanks are used


$20(+-) per year confirm with Assessor 775-739-5217. Taxes are paid to date.

Time-Limit To Build


Home Owner Dues


Deed Nevada Grant Deed - We guarantee transfer of 100% ownership, or your money back 



All Properties Financed for 12 months qualify for 0%* interest.




A $195 loan processing fee, and Deed recording fee and the first month's payment

Due within 5 days

Monthly Payment

Due on the 1st, until paid off.

* Interest rate of 9.9%** for all other loans. 

** Based on the prime rate not exceeding 6%.  If the  prime exceeds 7% rate will adjust semi-annually and equal 3.5% plus Prime.

After the payment has been made, I will have the deed recorded into your name, and then the recorded deed will be sent directly to you. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or certified funds like a cashiers check or money order


You may pay some with a credit card, and the rest with certified funds if you wish.



This property is sold “AS IS”, with any and all faults. All bidders need to do their own due diligence to their satisfaction prior to bidding, as all sales are final. All information contained on this auction page was obtained from information and sources that is presumed to be reliable and accurate to the best of our knowledge, however, we make no guarantee expressed or implied as to the exact location, present condition, accessibility, terrain, build ability or information contained in this listing. Please note that any money that we receive from you the the buyer, will be forfeited to us as damages in the event that you decide not to complete the transaction as described in this auction page.



 Thanks, and I hope that you decide to get it.